Sunday, May 18, 2008


We arrived in Windhoek on Thursday morning (a beautiful clear day at 25 degrees) and were met by our host and Field Director, Mick, who is married and has six children, three of their own and three beautiful adopted ones. We were very tired, but once we had showered up we were driven around to try and get cash (but none of the machines would accept our card due to a recent change with the banking system) and to buy SIM cards for our phones. We are doing orientation with two girls, Shelly (a nurse from Australia coming up to Rundu with us for 6 months) and Sara (a social worker from South Africa going to a different city for 2 months).

Here’s a crazy fact for you: Windhoek has been named the “cleanest city in Africa” for the last three years! And it really is sooo clean! The infrastructure in Namibia is very un-African, with the highways being near Autobahn-like in quality, so that driving in excess of 160 km/h is actually relatively safe.

Only four days in Africa, and we already got to pet a lion!
He was at the vet recovering from surgery, and was quite friendly until Daryl tried "speaking lion", at which point the lion became rather agitated and tried to get to Daryl through the bars.

(Watching "The Ghost and the Darkness" (about 2 man-eating lions in Africa) a few days before we arrived made us quite jumpy around this amazing creature.)

Daryl and Sabrina

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