Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just so you’re in the know…

People have been a bit confused by what our schedule looks like in the next month so here’s what's ahead:

May 2 – leave Vancouver arrive in Ottawa, where we plan to spend some time with friends and family
May 9 – drive to Toronto for more excellent time with friends and family as well as two days of orientation at Head Office.
May 13 – begin our journey to Africa. We get a full day in London so we get to hang out with my cousin and uncle! Arrive in Windhoek on May 15.
May 15 – we are in the capital Windhoek for approximately two weeks to do orientation then we leave for Rundu (apparently a 9 hour drive).

So, really we are a good month away from starting our work in Rundu. As keen as we are to begin, we are both thankful to have some time to get our hearts and minds ready for what’s ahead. In the midst of preparing physically (shots, packing, shopping and lots of hugs) it has been really hard to steal time away to really pray and let God prepare our hearts. Please continue to pray for us!

We feel loved!

This past month has been all about getting ready to leave for a year which has entailed packing up our lives and saying our “see ya laters” to so many people that we love. And let me tell you, we feel loved.

We have had going away parties like crazy from different crowds, we’ve had so many meaningful hugs and words of encouragement, and we’ve had tears – not only on our part but of those we are saying good bye too. My overall impression as time draws closer to departure is that we are so incredibly blessed by the many wonderful friendships in our lives. I know there are many people who feel lonely and who are seeking genuine relationship and I have been keenly aware of that particular blessing in our lives. We are so touched. Thank you for your love.

Speaking of blessing, here’s an update on our support raising. Did anyone out there think it realistic to raise 20000$ in 3 weeks? We didn’t think so either, but what do we know? If that weren’t enough to blow our socks off, people keep giving!! There are those who have still been giving financially, and then we keep getting gifts to help us out on top of that. We have been given a laptop computer, which we needed, some of our malaria medications by a Pharmacy in Fort St. John, some mosquito nets, cash to help cover some of our many expenses, a place to store all our stuff (thanks Mom!), as well as packing, cleaning and moving help. God is in the business of blessing us!