Friday, March 21, 2008

Not there yet but well on our way!

The last month has been a big blur, but in the fuzziness of it all we have been so blessed and seen God work in mighty ways!! We needed to raise 20,000$ by March 31st and hooray we are so glad to say that we have reached it already!! We don't have the specific numbers yet but I will keep you posted.

Talk about a humbling experience. It's funny how I have had different emotions in receiving donations of all different amounts. Early on in the stages of fundraising I even wanted to refuse some of the pledges because I considered it too much for that person to give. Daryl had to remind me that it's not my place to limit someone in giving and or to have any control for that matter. It was hard. It got easier. Toward the end we just had big smiles on our faces whenever we heard from someone whether the amount was "big" or "small", or whether I deemed it acceptable or not.

We have learned as well that in many ways our "mission" started a while back. The idea of missions has not been easy for all those interested in our lives and we have been aware that as we have been stretched, so others might be as well and that the process of raising funds and gathering a support team has not only helped us to grow but it has also given others a chance to think and be changed. We have heard all sorts of responses such as " I have always wanted to do something like that" to, "I could never do something like that, but good on you for going", but regardless it always causes a response. There is something deep inside us that knows we are responsible for acting with mercy and compassion but some feel at a loss as to where to start. What a privilege it is to have those people begin by supporting us!

This is just the start of a really fun ride.


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